Crispy crabmeat snack with Philip air fryer.   

IMG_9594-0Is really simple to make this snack with the airfryer. It will be a wonderful CNY snack for everyone too. Is easy and most important, we won’t feel guilty eating it as it is a healthier version with hardly any oil to fry it. It is a must try recipe. Hope you will enjoy it too.

 Firstly you will need to shred the crabsticks and spray some oil over the crabsticks to prevent it from sticking. Air fry the crabmeat at 160* C for 15 mins. Stir every 5 mins to prevent it from sticking together. It will turn golden brown when it’s ready. 

 Warning: This airfry crabstick is very additive.


 Peanut cookies for Chinese New Year . (Melt in the mouth)


Last year, around this time I was busy doing CNY cookies. The outcome of the cookies were fantastic. The peanut cookies have the melt in the mouth effect. I did it for all my family members and colleagues, all of them love it. Some of them can’t stop eating it. The satisfaction of knowing that the cookies is a best seller is priceless. Too bad, this year around I don’t have much free time to do it …. Hopefully you all will give it a try and love the recipe too.

100g peanut powder( grind peanuts till fine )
100g plain flour
80-100g icing sugar (depending how sweet you wants it to be)
80ml peanut oil
Egg yolk for glazing

1. Mix the peanut powder, flour, icing sugar
2. gradually add in peanut oil in a slow stream and mix till form a dough.
3. Mould them into ball and flatten it in a baking paper or flatten it and use a cookie cutter to cut it into desire shape.
4. Glaze the top with egg yolk.
5. Preheat pan. Place the peanut cookies in and bake for 8-10 min, till the glazed top turn golden.
6. Remove from oven and cool well before storing it in a container.
7. Seal container with tape.

Note: do not grind the peanuts for too long, it will become a paste. Need to monitor while grinding the peanuts. You can also purchase peanut powder from bakery shop.



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