Asian cooking

Si Yau kei, braised soy chicken

IMG_1513 Ingredients: 1/2 fresh country chicken 1 bowl of light soy sauce Half bowl of  dark soy sauce 3tbsp of rock sugar Dash of grounded pepper 3-4 stalks of spring onions (cut) 3 inches old ginger (sliced) 1buld of garlic 1 Star Anise Seed 1Cinnamon Stick 4 bowls of cold water 2Liquorice Sticks (Gam chao)

 1tbsp of clove(ting heong)

 Method 1. Heat up a non stick pot. 2. Add some oil and include all the aromatic ingredients including the garlic cloves and fry for about 2 minutes until fragrant. 3. Add sauces, 4 bowls of cold water and the rock sugar. Keep stirring till rock sugar dissolved and  simmer under medium fire for about 15 minutes to develop the flavours. 4. Once the sauce is done, add the chicken into the pot. 5. Make sure there is sufficient water to cover the chicken. Add more water if it is insufficient. 6. Simmer on low heat  for about half an hour to 40 mins until the chicken are fully cooked. 7. Use a skewer or chopstick on the drumstick to check if the chicken is cook. **The chicken skin will break if there is not enough sauce to simmer the meat.IMG_1514 Below is a picture for 1whole chicken , no add water and with  rose wineIMG_1516

1whole chicken

1pc of ginger

2pcs of star anise, liquorice stick, cinnimon stick

1tbsp clove

2-3 stalk of spring onion

500ml soy sauce, 500ml dark soy sauce

600gm Rock sugar

2tbsp of chinese rose wine

Method are the same. You’ll need to cook the sauce till all the rock sugar are dissolved before putting in the chicken. Add the rose wine in.

Half the chicken will be submerged in the sauce. Cook for 15 mins on one side and turn the chicken and cook for another 15 mins with lid open all the while. This will keep the skin crispy. Check the chicken drumstick with a skewer or chopstick . If there’s no blood trickling out, is done. 

The second recipe is really good but you will have to use a lot of soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Is a favourite amount family members. 

Asparagus with prawns and asparagus juice



Asparagus is  loaded with goodness. It is a plant-based protein, rich in minerals and trace element ;salts which contribute to it’s alkaline power. Asparagus is also a good source of magnesium and zinc, and a very good source of fiber when eaten. 

Aside from that, it  is also rich in antioxidants, which are best utilized when consumed raw and juiced. It helps to combat free radical and helps to reduce water retention.It is also brilliant for coughs and mucous discharge.

 Is really easy to make asparagus juice. All you need is a few stick of asparagus and some water to blend it in a blender. Strain it with a Muslin cloth and add honey before drinking. Is really yummy too. Is good for health and delicious to drink. 

 ** you can also add other vegetables or fruits for a mix vegetables juice. 

 Asparagus with prawns 


 20sticks of asparagus

 2 tablespoons cooking oil 

3-4 clove of garlic ( diced) 

8-10 medium-sized shrimp, peeled and deveined 

1/2 tsp salt 

 pepper to taste

 1 tsp soy sauce 


 Cut 11/2-2inch off the bottom stems ofthe asparagus ( the tougher part ). Rinse the asparagus with water and drain out the water.

Heat up a wok and add  cooking oil. When it’s hot, add garlic and stir-fry until light brown or aromatic. Add the asparagus
into the wok and stir for 3-4 mins. Then the prawns and stir fry quickly . Add salt and pepper and soy sauce. Once the prawn is cook ( when it turn orange), the asparagus should be nicely cooked.

Dish out and serve immediately with steamed white rice.



Wood ear mushroom with bean curd sheet appetizer

This is one of my favourite chinese cold appetizer . It is healthy, low in fat, high in iron and calcium ,yummy and easy to make. All you need to do is to mix everything and enjoy the appetizer . I hope that you would like it too.

Ingredients A

30gm Wood ear 

2pcs of bean curb sheet

1 carrot

2 tbsp Sesame seed

Ingredients B

2tbsp Sesame oil

2-3 tbsp Soy sauce

Pepper to taste

1.Soak wood ear mushroom and bean curd separately in cold water till soft.

2. Blanch the wood ear  mushroom in a pot of boiling water for 2-3 mins. Remove from hot water and set aside.

3. Blanch the bean curb sheet in boiling water for 30seconds and remove from hot water.  Set aside.

4. Peel the carrot skin and cut it into thin matchstick size. 

5. Cut the wood ear mushroom into long thin strip. Then the bean curb sheet.

6. Add sesame seed.

7. Add in sesame oil and soy sauce.

8. Mix everything evenly and do a food testing. Depending on how salty you want it, add more soy sauce and pepper.

9. Leave it for half an hour to let the dish to develop more flavor. 

Ipoh Chicken noodle, Kai Si Hor Fun

I’m from Ipoh and I’m truely an Ipoh girl at heart. I love Ipoh food and I’m missing Ipoh food badly. One of it is this noodle, Kai Si hor fun (flat rice noodle). Ipoh have one of the best Kai Si horfun. What’s the difference?? For one the horfun is thinner and smoother than others and the broth is so much better!!! Here is my version of the famous noodle.

Kei Si horfun

Ingredients A

1  chicken

30gm of dried anchovies

1pc dried flounder fish

300gm prawns or (*600gm prawns if not using flounder fish)

 Ingredients B

3500ml water

1tbsp salt

Pepper to taste

. Soak dried anchovies and flounder fish in cold water for 5 mins. Drain and set aside.

. For the prawns , remove the head and all the shells ( set this aside. We will need this for the soup later). Devein the prawns and set a side.

. Boil water in a deep pot. When it is boiling, put in the chicken and cook for half and hour on medium heat. Poke a skewer or chopstick into the drumstick. If there’s no blood trickling out the chicken is cook. 

. Remove chicken from hot water and put it in ice water for 5 mins to stop the cooking process and to keep the skin moist.

. In a heated pan add in a tbsp of oil and fried the anchovies till crispy, remove and fried the flounder fish with the remaining oil till crispy. Remove and set aside.

. Add another tbsp of oil and fried the prawns shells till it change to a pinkish colour.

. When it is cold, put all the fried things in a soup bag and tie it up. Put it in the soup and continue to boil the soup in low heat.

. Now, you will need to debone the chicken and put back all the bones in the soup and continue to boil the soup for another1 1/2 hour. Total cooking time for the soup is about 2 hours. The longer you simmer, the better it will be.

. Add in salt and pepper. Do a sampling and add soy sauce according to taste.

. Shred  the chicken breast to pieces and set aside.

. In another pot, fill it with 1000ml of water. When it is boiling add in the amount of noodles needed and blanch for about a minute. The flat noodles are easily cook. As I’m using the very thin noodles, it only takes about 1/2 a min for it to cook. The lo su fun for a minute. 

. Put the noodles into individual bowl. Set aside.

.Pouch the prawns. It will be cooked when it turns pink.

. Top  the noodles with shreadded chicken and prawns. Add the soup. Garnish with spring onions and fried shallots. 

***This is the second batch that I’ve made. This was without the flounder fish and it was Super yummy.

As I’m running out of prawns, I’ve add the flounder fish. You can omit the flounder fish as the main ingredient for the soup are the chicken, anchovies and fried prawns shells.  

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad with Edamame( Mu’er Maodou)

 In traditional Chinese medicine , wood ear mushroom or  black fungus has always been recommended for iron and calcium boost, stopping bleeding, increasing blood circulation and anaemia. 

Is a must have for chinese ladies during condiments. During condiment, it is best cook with chicken. Mu’er chicken.



30gm wood ear mushroom
1/2 cup frozen edamame
3 cloves garlic, minced

2 tsp. soy sauce

1 tbsp. sesame oil


1. Place mushrooms in a bowl and pour over 8 cups water; let sit until soft, about 30minutes. Drain mushrooms; tear into large bite-size pieces. Blanch in boiling water for 2-3mins .

2.Transfer to a large bowl, toss with edamame and garlic. Mix in a tablespoon of sesame seed and set salad aside.

3. In a small bowl, whisk together soy sauce and sesame oil until smooth.  Toss with salad and set aside for half an hour before serving. 

*It will have more flavour if you leave it longer.

Aside from the above, wood ear also goes well with broccoli, different spices and sauce.

Stewed pork belly with chestnuts 

Dried chestnuts are mostly use in chinese cooking as in stewed, braised as it takes a long time to soften. It pair well with duck or pork. This dish that I’m making is similar with the chinese bak chang, meat dumpling.

Pork belly 1kg

Ingredients A
1/2bowl dried shrimp
1bowl dried chestnut 
10 mushroom
1 bulb of garlic

Ingredients B
2tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp dark soy sauce
2tbsp oyster sauce
20g rock sugar 

1. Soak mushroom , dried chestnut till soft ( an hour)
2. Soak dried shrimp for about 10mins and drain out the           water.
3. Pouch the meat with hot water for 5 mins and set aside.
4. Fried the dried shrimp with a tbsp of sesame oil till fragrant and add in the garlic. Next put in the mushroom and chestnut. Fried for 2-3mins.    
5.Add the pork belly and ingredient B.
6. Add 1000ml of water making sure the meat is submerge in the water.
7. When the gravy is boiling, turn down the heat and simmer for an hour, till the meat is tender and the gravy is thick.
8. Once ready, take out the meat and cut it up before serving it with steam rice.

Lap Mei Fan, waxed meat rice

IMG_9588Ingredients 3stick chinese sausage ( lap cheong ) 2stick preserved goose liver sausage ( yun cheong) 1piece preserved meat(lap Mei) 2 tbsp light soy sauce 1 tsp sesame oil 2 cup rice with 2 rice bowl of water Directions 1.Remove casing of the the Chinese sausage ( lap cheong ) under water 2.blanch all meat for 1 minute then drain 3.Wash rice till water are clear then add water and add all blanch meat, soy sauce, sesame oil and cook rice as usual 4.Removed meat and thinly slice all meat. Transfer to clay pot and serve. 5. Or you can cut up everything and cook it with the rice before plating out and serve.

Stir-fry cucumber with dry shrimp


3 Cucumber (deseed and slice to 0.4cm thick)
1/2 cup of Dried Shrimps ( roughly chopped)
3-4cloves Garlic (diced)
3 tablespoons of Light Soy Sauce
Pepper to taste
1cup of water

Peel off Cucumber skin and deseed cucumber by cutting cucumber into 2 (lengthwise), use a metal spoon to scoop out the seeds
Cut it into thin slices, 0.4cm each, set aside.
Soaked and washed Dried Shrimps

Heat 2tbsp of oil and Stir-fry Dried Shrimps until fragrant
Add Garlic and stir-fry for another minute
Next add in the Cucumber and Light Soy Sauce
Stir fry till everything mixed
Now add the water and simmer (lower heat) until Cucumber is cooked and almost tender approx 8-10minutes
Serve while Hot! Great with a bowl of steam rice.

This is a refreshing dish and is easy to cook with minimum ingredients!
I prefer cucumber to be softer in this dish, but if you prefer cucumber to be crunchy, shorten the time to simmer.

Chinese soup with roasted garlic and mushroom.

Ingredients 500gm of ribs or chicken (cut to pieces)
8-10 pcs of red dates
8pcs of mushroom( cut to half)
2 bulb of garlic, remove the skin
** 1/2 to be stir-fry with oil till golden brown
200-300gm of clams(optional)

1500ml water
2tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp chinese wine/brandy(optional)
1tsp salt and pepper to taste.

Heat up the wok, add 1 tbsp of oil and fried the other half of the garlic, mushroom and red dates until fragrant .
Add the ribs or chicken pcs and stir-fry for 2 mins. Add the stir-fry garlic.
Add 1500ml of water, 2tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp of chinese wine or brandy, 1tsp salt and pepper to taste.
Cook for half an hour. Add clams (optional). Cook till clams are all open.
Lastly, add basil leave before serving.

**the photos below are without the clams. The soup without the clams is sweet and light. With the clams it will be sweeter and refreshing.
**the sir-fry garlic is a key ingredient to this soup.

Red dates

Tomato  egg..

Two main ingredients, tomatoes and eggs. I used to have this dish when I’m in China and I love it. The tomatoes in China is so much bigger, sweeter and juicer than ours but with some sugar the tomato egg dish will be almost the same as in China. Hope everyone likes it…

China tomatoesIMG_1263.JPG
Our local Malaysian tomatoes

1 teaspoon cornstarch
6 eggs, beaten with a tbsp of water( this will makes the eggs smoother)
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
3tbsp cooking oil
2cloves of garlic, diced
3medium-sized tomatoes, roughly chopped
1tbsp sugar

In a small bowl, stir cornstarch with 2 tablespoons water. Set aside. In a medium mixing bowl, beat eggs well with salt and white pepper.
Heat 1tablespoons oil in a wok and add the eggs and stir-fry rapidly, turning the eggs around in the pan until everything is evenly cooked and just tender, about 1 minute. Remove from heat just before eggs have completely set. Transfer to a large plate and set aside.
Add 2tablespoon of oil to the wok and when is hot add garlic. Stir-fried for 30seconds and add the chopped tomatoes to the wok and stir-fry until most of the flesh in the tomatoes has cooked down, about 2minutes. Reduce heat to low. Add sugar and cornstarch water and stir around until the mixture has thickened slightly, about 20 seconds.
Add the eggs back to the wok and stir-fry until everything is mixed. Serve immediately. Enjoy….

 Korean cold potatoes, appetizer

Is going to be busy tonight. So I’m going to do this and put it in the fridge. All I need is to bring it out from the fridge tonight.
2 medium potatoes , cut into cube
1 large onions, cut into wedges
1 cup of water
1tbsp sugar
21/2tbsp soy sauce
1tsp dark soy sauce
2 tbsp corn syrup ( substitute with 1tbsp sugar)
2 cloves of garlic, diced
Pepper and salt to taste

Heat 1tbsp of oil till hot. Add the potatoes and fried for 5 mins. Follow by the onions and fried for a min. Next pour in the water and add all the sauces and sugar. Simmer till almost dry or potatoes are soft.Add garlic and sesame, salt and pepper till mixed. Dish out and let it cool before putting it in the fridge. When is ready to eat, take the cold potatoes out and garnish with spring onions.
Mashikeh-mogo (Bon-Appetit)


Steam chicken with ginkgo nuts

 This dish is healthy and very easy to make. Is one of the dishes that I ate during my confinement. The dates are good for blood circulation, goji berries are good for eyes and the ginkgo nuts are good for memory. It helps the new mummies to replenished their blood and energy. 

 1 half chicken
5 red dates, without seed
5 black dates,with seed
10 ginkgo nuts
15goji berries
3 pcs mushroom, sliced
A few slices of ginger
1 tbsp of sesame oil
11/2 tbsp of soy sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
Optional,1 tbsp of Chinese wine/ brandy

Wash, clean and dry the chicken. Rub the chicken with salt and pepper and put it on a dish. Add the sliced ginger and set aside.
Soaked the mushroom till soft and slice it. Wash dates, ginkgo nuts (without skin and shell) and goji berries till clean. Put it all over the chicken and drizzle the sesame oil and soy sauce over it. Heat it in a steamer for 45mins or till drumstick is fully cooked. It is really sweet and delicious.
** insert skewer into the drumstick until clear liquid can be seen.

The chicken was finished before I can take picture of it. Below was a smaller portion without the mushroom and ginkgo… 

 Tomato rice in a cooker. (One pot meal

 This recipe is very simple and yummy. It is also healthy and low in fat. My little sous chef love to cook this and she is so proud of it. If you are trying to get help from your young children, this recipe is a good start. They eat their vegetables too.

2 cup of rice
11/2 rice bowl of water

1big tomato
3/4 rice bowl of mix vegetables
1 rice bowl of pumpkin
1pc of firm bean curb , cubed
1/2 a bowl of mushroom
3/4 rice bowl of chicken , sliced ( or any other meat or seafood)

1tbsp of olive oil/ fried garlic oil
1tsp of salt and pepper to taste

Firstly, you will need to wash the rice till water is clear. Then add 11/2 rice bowl of water in. Next put in all the seasoning and mix well. Now add in all the vegetables, bean curbs, mushroom, pumpkin and chicken . Mix till everything is all over. Lastly put the tomato in the middle.
Next put the pot back to the cooker and cook rice as usual. When is ready, mix up the rice so that all the liquid from the tomato is evenly distributed. Pre- plate it and top it with a fried egg. Is easy, delicious and not wiping up the kitchen. Smart!!

**pumpkin and tomato will make the rice wet, therefore I have reduced the water to 1 1/2 bowl. If you are not using pumpkin, you will need to add a little more. ( not more than 2 bowl)




Wholemeal mantou with pumpkin and black sesame.

Mantou is a type of Chinese plain bun. Normally is white or red in colour. To make it interesting we can put purée vegetable and seeds.
I have wanted to make it for a very very long time. Every time I wanted to make it, something comes up.. Finally I’ve got time for this. To make it more healthy, I’ve added Wholemeal flour and purée pumpkin.

100g Pumpkin without skin
90g Water
3/4tsp Instant yeast
200g Pau flour/Hong Kong flour
50g of Wholemeal flour
3 tbsp Caster sugar
2tbsp Vegetable oil or olive oil
2 tbsp Black sesame seeds (toasted)
2tbsp gojiberries , soaked and soften

Steam the pumpkin till soft, about 15 mins and mash it while it is still hot. Set aside till cool.
In a small bowl, mix instant yeast and water together.
Next on a table top, pour out flour and make a well in the middle. Add sugar, puree and oil. After that, the instant yeast and water into it. Mix well, and use hand to knead the mixture to a smooth dough and no longer sticky, add toasted black sesame seed, knead well again. Cover dough and rest for 15 minutes at room temperature.

Now, dust table top with some flour and roll out the dough into a rectangle shape. Brush some water on top of the surface and add goji berries all over it.
After that, roll up the dough like a Swiss roll. Roll the dough tightly (this is important so the mantou remains in a nice shape after steaming), into a log.

Cut the dough into small pieces (8pieces) and put the small mantou on a small piece of wax paper. Spray some water on the surface of the Mantou.
Put the mantous in the steamer and proof for 20 minutes or double in volume.
Fill up water in a steamer on the stove.
Turn the fire to high and bring water to a boil, then turn the fire to medium, steam the mantous for 15 minutes.
Or you can put it in a electric steamer and steam it for 15 mins.
Leave for 5 mins before opening. This will helps to maintain its shape and texture.

**Cover the cover with a cloth, this will prevent water dripping down on the mantous.
** Store the cool steam buns in a air tight container. These buns stay soft until the following day. But if you wanted a more softer texture the following day, do re- steam it for 5minutes and serve warm. Enjoy!

Covering the cover with cloth.

Vietnamese paper roll 

 I’m missing my Vietnamese rolls. Unlike deep-fried spring rolls, Vietnamese spring roll is light and healthy, packed with fresh herbs, noodles,prawns, mushroom and vegetables. Just right when I’m on a diet.
So,I’m going to make my own today. I seems pretty easy and the outcome was great. It is just like the one that I get from the restaurant.

For the wrap
80g vermicelli or rice noodles
10 rice paper wrappers
10 large cooked prawns, peeled, deveined and cut in half
3 large shiitake mushroom ,soak in hot water till soft, sliced
chopped fresh Thai basil
fresh coriander leaves

For the dipping
2 tbsp fish sauce
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
2 tbsp thai sweet chilli sauce
1 tbsp hoisin sauce
1 tbsp of sesame/ chopped peanuts
1 tbsp sugar( optional)

First soak the rice noodles and mushroom (separately) in hot water till soft . Drain and set a side. To manage the noodles easily add a few drops of sesame oil. It will prevent the noodles from sticking together. Sliced up the mushroom .
Cook the prawns in hot water for a min to two till the prawns change colour. If is too long it will curl up and it will be hard.
Cut up the carrots into matchstick size.
Chop up the basil leaves and leave the coriander leaf whole.

Here comes the challenging part. Soaking the paper wrap. I soak mine in room temperature water for 10seconds. Soak it too long it will break easily. Now put it on a plate and place the prawns pinkish side down, follow with the vegs and noodles, herbs and 2 whole coriander side by side . Do not put all the ingredient in the middle of the wrap, it should be 1 inch away at the bottom of the wrap nearer to you. First flip the bottom wrap to cover all the ingredient and roll once, flip the sides and continue to roll till everything are tuck in and that’s it. My first wrap, not bad… Do not leave it too long or the wrap will dry up.

For the dipping sauce, just add everything in and mixed. You can add or reduce certain amount according to taste. Enjoy… An ngon nhe


Thai papaya salad, som tam


This papaya salad, also known as “som tam”, is a common street food in Thailand and it is one of my favourite Thai dishes. This salad is so full of flavours and it pair so well with the crunchy papaya. There is a slightly spicy taste of red chilies, the saltiness of fish sauce n small dried shrimps, the sweetness of sugar and the sourish lime taste. All the flavours combined to make a unique and flavor-filled dish that will make a great impression. It’s also easy to make, low-calorie, and very nutritious. So give it a try …IMG_7044.JPG
Green Papaya Salad Recipe
3 cups peeled and julienned (finely sliced) green papaya – about 1 large papaya*
2 clove of garlic, chopped
1 onion, sliced
3-4 birds eye chillies, seeds removed
5 cherry tomatoes, cut into half
3 lime, juiced
4 kaffir lime leaves, finely sliced
2 stalk of lemongrass, finely sliced
2 tbsp palm sugar* (or substitute with brown sugar)
3 tbsp fish sauce
2-3 tbsp of dried small shrimp
2 tbsp of roasted peanuts, chopped( I like it whole)

In large bowl add green papaya, sliced onion, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass,tomatoes, 1 tbsp of dried shrimp and mix together. Slightly bruise the tomato. Later, this will allow the dressing to mix in. For the dressing, mix the lime juice, fish sauce, some dried small shrimps, garlic,chilies and brown sugar together till all the sugar dissolved. Add the dressing and mix well. Mix the peanuts and anchovies in and served. Bon appetite (taan hâi a-ròi)

IMG_7061.JPG When choosing a green papaya, look for one that is firm and green all over. A useful tool to make this salad is a julienne peeler. Dressing can be altar to personal preference.


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