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Ginger has many medical uses, from relieving migraine and arthritis pain to preventing and cure cancers.

 Lemongrass are used for cough, sore throats, Anxiety and depression, Digestion, Dry skin and acne, Constipation, Kidney detoxification and a lot more.

These two useful herbs  can  be use to brew tea for it health benefits. This herbal tea has a strong ability to make you relaxed and it is very easy to prepare. Aside from that it smells great.

 6 stalks Lemongrass

1 big Fresh ginger

Pandan leaves, tied in a knot

Water, 1 litre

honey rock sugar


Slightly smash the peeled ginger . 

Crush lemongrass and cut them into short stalk.
Add lemongrass, ginger and pandan leaves into a pot, then bring to boil and simmer for around an hour.
Add honey rock sugar to taste and drink.
You can enjoy it hot or cold. It is so refreshing and tasty. 😍😍😍