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This drink is a healthy dessert. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, most of the ingredients possess the cooling effects .

Red dates are a good source of iron, bittersweet almond , fig and white fungus for lungs and skin.Aloe Vera is good for your digestive system, assist in constipation and also a great aid to improve your skin texture.

This drink is light, sweet, crunchy, and especially suitable for ladies. It is also a good choice for our hot season. Ingredients can be adjusted to personal prefrences. It should be taken in moderation as too much aloe vera can be laxative. 

2 large blade of aloe vera – cut into cubes

2 screwpine leaves – tie into a knot

2 pieces of white fungus ( suet yee) – soaked for 5 mins, cleaned and tear into small pieces

1 cup of dried longan

1 cup of winter melon sugar ( or rock sugar, cane sugar)

2 litre of water

5 pieces of red dates

2pieces of golden dates

4pieces of semi dry or dry fig (optional)

1/2cup of bittersweet almond, optional ( nam hang, pak hang)

Pour 2litre of water into a soup pot , add in the screwpines and everything else except the aloe vera. Boil for half an hour.  Add in the aloe vera cubes and boil for another 15mins and off the heat. When the liquid has cooled down, chilled them in the fridge for 4hours before serving.