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Caramel custard jelly
This is a very light caramel jelly that is easy and fast to make. This jelly is very refreshing and is perfect for the hot season now. Enjoy!!!

Caramel layer

100gm fine sugar

4tbsp of water

Jelly layer

10gm of jelly powder (the shallow brand)

100gm of fine sugar 

450ml water

400ml evaporate milk

1  1/2 tsp custard powder

1tsp vanilla essence 

A pinch of salt

Caramel syrup 

Warm sugar on medium heat till brown.

Add water and continue to stir till combine.

Pour into mould and set aside.


Boil jelly with sugar and water till everything dissolved. 

Combine custard powder, evaporated milk and salt in another container. Next pour in the jelly. Add vanilla essence and stir till mixture thicken.

 Pour mixture into mould with the caramel and let it cool before putting it into the fridge for at least 4hours.