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Sengkung with rojak  sauce and sesame
This brings back old memories. When I was young, we used to get this from the trishaw lady with all the colour shaved ice ball syrup, drinks and cut fruits with rojak sauce. This is one of my favourite aside from the colour shaved ice ball. I would suck out all the syrup from the ice ball and went back to ask for more syrup. It was very nice of the lady to gave me more. Oh, those were the days…..Anyone remember these goodies???

A little about this root food. In English it is called sweet turnip or Chinese turnip and in Malaysia we called it sengkuang or mangkung. Sengkung is sweet, juicy and crunchy when eaten raw. It tastes great in stir-fry dishes too.

Sengkung  is high in carbohydrates in the form of soluble fiber.It is composed of 86-90% water and contains only trace amount of protein and lipids.Its sweet flavor comes from the soluble fiber composed of oligofructose inulin which is a prebiotic,meaning it is a food for the good bacteria in the intestines.It is high in vitamin A, some Bs,C and  in potassium content.Because of its very low glycemic index,it is a great food for diabetics and its low calories content makes it a ideal food for weight loss. 

Now I’ve to eat this more….. 

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ice shaving machine


colour ice ball syrup