Hakka Deep fried five spice pork belly with pickle tomatoes



500 gm pork belly ( cut into 2cm thickness) 


2tbsp soy sauce

1tsp 5 spice powder

1pc of red fermented bean curd( lam yu)

1-2tsp sugar

1tbsp Chinese wine

2tbsp tapioca flour

A dash of salt and pepper 


Cherry tomatoes 

Preserved sour plum (cut into pieces)

Rub marinade all the over the pork belly and leave it in the fridge overnight.

Heat 5-6tbsp of cooking oil and deep fried the pork belly till both side is brown. Remove and drain.

Cut the pork belly into slices and serve it with the cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are very refreshing and goes very well with the pork belly. This dish could be a starter, main or eaten on its own as a snacks. It also goes very well with beer.

For the  condiments, cut a slit in the middle of the cherry tomatoes and insert a piece of preserved plum into the  tomato. Enjoy!!!


**In Taiwan, you will be able to get the cherry tomatoes with preserved plum from any fruit stall. The last time that I was there, it was NT100 for a pack. It is such a simple, yet lovely and refreshing appetiser.  I love it so much and this dish goes so well with it…