CNY is over but I’ve a lot of mandarin oranges in hand. What better to do than jam. So I’m going to try this out. Mandarin marmalade, the outcome were fantastic. I love it as I know there’s no preservative, colouring and I can adjust the sweetness of the jam.  A little about marmalade making.   Marmalade is usually citrus based, that includes flesh, skin and rind. The bitterness of the peel offset the sweetness of the jam and it makes it not too sweet. 
Marmalade is not difficult to make, so long as you get the ratio of citrus and sugar right, the jam will set nicely. One main ingredient is the seeds. The seeds are full of pectin, and pectin is what you need for jam to set. 
Make sure you keep all the pith and the seeds when you make marmalade. 

 Clean all the pith and seeds out first then simply wrap them up in in a muslin cloth and add it to the mixture. Once the jam is ready, take the parcel out and discard it.
So let’s start making marmalade…

Mandarin Marmalade Recipe 

16 mandarins (2kg)

1.2kg sugar

6 cups of water

Juice of 1 lemon

1. Peel mandarins carefully, try keeping peels in one piece. Then cut half of the peels (about 8 mandarins) into thin strips (julienne strips) and set aside.
2. Remove as much of the pith as possible and set aside.
3. Cut the mandarins half crosswise, remove the seeds and set aside too. Use a clean muslin cloth, wrap the seeds and pith together tightly.
4. Add mandarins, peel strips, the parcel, lemon juice, sugar, water into a large pot. Stir constantly over medium heat until sugar is dissolved.
5. Bring to the boil, then reduce heat down to medium and let it bubble away for about 1 hour, stir occasionally until jell point is reached.
6. Once ready, remove the parcel and discard the pith and seeds. Pour the marmalade into hot sterilised jars. Seal 15 mins later, or when the jars are cool enough to handle.
***Jell point Testing: Put a saucer in the freezer and chill it. Take it out when ready to test, add a dollop of jam onto saucer. Draw a line on the jam with a knife, if it wrinkles, then the jam is ready. If not, keep boiling the mixture for another 10 minutes and test again.

Is yummy with bread, scone and bun. Enjoy!!