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Steam fish is one of my favourite dish. Is low in fat and a good protein source. As far as I know, steam fish is popular dish in all chinese families. Bear in mind not all types of fish are suitable for steaming such as mackerel and barracuda. Sizes do matters as well depending on the types of fish; tilapia, red snapper, silver promfet and White promfet, golden promfet and groupers. Preferably  It should be around a kg and above. The more mature the fish; the texture of the meat will be more tender as the smaller ones will be too soft. Below is a recipe for steam teochew fish which my mom used to make. 

The main ingredients to make this dish are the green mustard and salted plum. 


– 1 red snapper

– 1 knob of ginger (half of it sliced and the other half julienned)

– 1 stalk spring onion (top half cut for garnish purpose, bottom half to lay below fish)

– 2-3salted plums (lightly crush)

– 1 medium tomato (cut into wedges)

– 2 Chinese dried mushrooms (soak to soften and cut into strips)

– 1/2 a packet of pickled mustard – Kiam Chye (wash and soak for 5minutes. Cut into strips)

– 1 packet of tofu (cut )

– Pinch of salt and pepper (to rub on the fish)

– 1/2tbsp soy sauce 

– 1 tbsp rice wine

– 1/2 tbsp sesame oil

– 4 tbsp of water 

1) Prior to cooking, clean fish, make 1-2 cuts on the fish and rub a little salt and pepper all over it. Set aside and prepare the rest of the ingredients. 
2) Mix the marinade and set aside
3) Line spring onion (the bottom part) and some sliced ginger on a plate. Place fish over the scallion and ginger. Insert some sliced ginger in the cavity of the fish belly.
4)Put the fish in a wok with boiling water and steam for 5 mins. Remove and throw away all the liquid. 
5) Scatter julienned ginger, tomato wedges, cut mushrooms and cubed pickled mustard evenly over fish and the surrounding of the fish. Lined cubed tofu and crushed salted plum on both side of the fish.
6) Drizzle the marinade all over the fish.
7) Put the fish in the wok and steam on high heat for 8-10 minutes or until done. **One of the indicator that the fish is cooked is that the eyes of the fish will ‘pop’ out.

8) Garnish with spring onions and serve hot.