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 I’m experimental today. Going to try chestnuts with pork trotters and the outcome was great. It was not too sweet nor too salty. Very balance. I like it. Hope you all will like it too.
Stewed Pork trotters with chestnut
Pork trotters 1.4 kg
Ingredients A

1bowl dried chestnut 

10 mushroom

2 bulb of garlic

4 sliced ginger

Ingredients B

1/2 bowl soy sauce

1tbsp dark soy sauce
1tbsp crushed peppercorns 

3-4 tbsp brown sugar 

1. Soak mushroom , dried chestnut till soft (an hour)**if you soak your mushrooms overnight, the mushrooms will be very tender.

2. Blanch the meat with hot water for 10mins and set aside.

3. Fried the garlic and ginger with a tbsp of sesame oil till fragrant and add crushed peppercorn.

4. Put in the meat and stir fry for about 8mins. Add the mushrooms and ingredients B and sugar. Stir fry till everything mixed. 

5. Add in 1000ml of water , making sure all the meats are submerged in the water. 

7. When the gravy is boiling, add in the chestnuts and turn down the heat and simmer for an hour, till the meat is tender. 

8. Now the pork trotters are ready to be served with steam rice.

**taste can be adjusted to individual preferences 

**please check the meat, making sure it not too tender, if not it will be to soft and oily. Cooking time around 1 1/2 hours.