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I’m from Ipoh and I’m truely an Ipoh girl at heart. I love Ipoh food and I’m missing Ipoh food badly. One of it is this noodle, Kai Si hor fun (flat rice noodle). Ipoh have one of the best Kai Si horfun. What’s the difference?? For one the horfun is thinner and smoother than others and the broth is so much better!!! Here is my version of the famous noodle.

Kei Si horfun

Ingredients A

1  chicken

30gm of dried anchovies

1pc dried flounder fish

300gm prawns or (*600gm prawns if not using flounder fish)

 Ingredients B

3500ml water

1tbsp salt

Pepper to taste

. Soak dried anchovies and flounder fish in cold water for 5 mins. Drain and set aside.

. For the prawns , remove the head and all the shells ( set this aside. We will need this for the soup later). Devein the prawns and set a side.

. Boil water in a deep pot. When it is boiling, put in the chicken and cook for half and hour on medium heat. Poke a skewer or chopstick into the drumstick. If there’s no blood trickling out the chicken is cook. 

. Remove chicken from hot water and put it in ice water for 5 mins to stop the cooking process and to keep the skin moist.

. In a heated pan add in a tbsp of oil and fried the anchovies till crispy, remove and fried the flounder fish with the remaining oil till crispy. Remove and set aside.

. Add another tbsp of oil and fried the prawns shells till it change to a pinkish colour.

. When it is cold, put all the fried things in a soup bag and tie it up. Put it in the soup and continue to boil the soup in low heat.

. Now, you will need to debone the chicken and put back all the bones in the soup and continue to boil the soup for another1 1/2 hour. Total cooking time for the soup is about 2 hours. The longer you simmer, the better it will be.

. Add in salt and pepper. Do a sampling and add soy sauce according to taste.

. Shred  the chicken breast to pieces and set aside.

. In another pot, fill it with 1000ml of water. When it is boiling add in the amount of noodles needed and blanch for about a minute. The flat noodles are easily cook. As I’m using the very thin noodles, it only takes about 1/2 a min for it to cook. The lo su fun for a minute. 

. Put the noodles into individual bowl. Set aside.

.Pouch the prawns. It will be cooked when it turns pink.

. Top  the noodles with shreadded chicken and prawns. Add the soup. Garnish with spring onions and fried shallots. 

***This is the second batch that I’ve made. This was without the flounder fish and it was Super yummy.

As I’m running out of prawns, I’ve add the flounder fish. You can omit the flounder fish as the main ingredient for the soup are the chicken, anchovies and fried prawns shells.