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IMG_9588   Ingredients:

 3stick chinese sausage ( lap cheong ) 

2stick preserved goose liver sausage ( yun cheong) 

1piece preserved meat(lap Mei) 

2 tbsp light soy sauce 

1 tsp sesame oil 

2 cup rice with

 2 rice bowl of water 

1.Remove casing of the the Chinese sausage ( lap cheong ) under water

 2.blanch all meat for 1 minute and remove from hot water

  3.Wash rice till water are clear then add 2 rice bowl of water and add all blanch meat, soy sauce, sesame oil and cook rice as usual


4.Removed meat and thinly slice all meat. Transfer to clay pot and serve. 

 5. Or you can cut up everything and cook it with the rice before plating out and serve.
This is with preserved duck meat.

To make it more interesting, you can transfer the rice into a claypot or a big pan. Bon apetite!!!