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IMG_1513 Ingredients

1/2 fresh country chicken 

 1 bowl of light soy sauce

 Half bowl of  dark soy sauce

 3tbsp of rock sugar 

Dash of grounded pepper 

3-4 stalks of spring onions (cut) 

1inches old ginger (sliced)

 1buld of garlic 

1 Star Anise Seed 

1Cinnamon Stick 

4 bowls of cold water

 2Liquorice Sticks (Gam chao)

 1tbsp of clove(ting heong)


1. Heat up a non stick pot. 

2. Add some oil and include all the aromatic ingredients including the garlic cloves and fry for about 2 minutes until fragrant. 

3. Add sauces, 4 bowls of cold water and the rock sugar. Keep stirring till rock sugar dissolved and  simmer under medium fire for about 15 minutes to develop the flavours.

 4. Once the sauce is done, add the chicken into the pot.

 5. Make sure there is sufficient water to cover the chicken. Add more water if it is insufficient. 

6. Simmer on low heat  for about half an hour to 40 mins until the chicken are fully cooked. 

7. Use a skewer or chopstick on the drumstick to check if the chicken is cook.

 **The chicken skin will break if there is not enough sauce to simmer the meat.


Below is a picture for 1whole chicken , no add water and with  rose wineIMG_1516

1whole chicken

1pc of ginger

2pcs of star anise, liquorice stick, cinnimon stick

1tbsp clove

2-3 stalk of spring onion

500ml soy sauce, 500ml dark soy sauce

600gm Rock sugar

2tbsp of chinese rose wine

Method are the same. You’ll need to cook the sauce till all the rock sugar are dissolved before putting in the chicken. Add the rose wine in.

Half the chicken will be submerged in the sauce. Cook for 15 mins on one side and turn the chicken and cook for another 15 mins with lid open all the while. This will keep the skin crispy. Check the chicken drumstick with a skewer or chopstick . If there’s no blood trickling out, is done. 

The second recipe is really good but you will have to use a lot of soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Is a favourite amount family members.