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This is one of my favourite Hakka dish and my mom pork trotter is the best.
Is also a very famous dish for new mothers during confinement. It has lots of nutrients and it invigorates the weak mothers after giving birth.
This dish is rich in calcium, vitamin c, natural collagen and protein.
Calcium that stored in bones and collagen of the pork knuckles will be dissolved by the vinegar in the cooking process, therefore the major nutrition value of this dish is to replenish the lost of calcium and collagen in pregnancy.
The second ingredient, ginger. It is rich in Vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the mother’s immune system, also has the function of removing “wind”, that is generated during childbirth and when the body is at its weakest. It is very effective in warming up the body.
Third ingredient, vinegar. It helps to cleanse the blood .

2kg pork knuckles and pork shin
500gm of old ginger, remove the skin and lightly crushed
* cut it into 3-4 bite size
1 bottle of sweet vinegar
1 bottle of water
5-6 tbsp of brown sugar( molasses sugar)
2tbsp sesame oil
2tbsp of soy sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce( or lesser)

Wash and boil the meat for 5-8 mins . Remove and drain. Wash with cold water, remove any loose bones from the meat.
In a pot add 2 tbsp of sesame oil and fry the ginger till fragrant.
Add the meat stir for a while. Add vinegar, water, soy sauce and dark soy sauce and stir till mixed.
When it is boiling add sugar. Adjust sweetness to your preference and cook for 1.5hours to 2hours. It is best eaten the next day .

** I’ve tried a number of vinegar and the one my mom recommended is still the best
** molasses sugar can help to expel wind and cool heat(dampness) from the body(sap yit) . The soup will be more sticky
**can substitute with rock sugar for a lighter taste.
* I’ve substitutes it with pork knuckles as it is not so fattening
** cook it in ceramic pots as vinegar as the acidity of the vinegar will react with the stainless steel pots.