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This recipe is very simple and yummy. It is also healthy and low in fat. My little sous chef love to cook this and she is so proud of it. If you are trying to get help from your young children, this recipe is a good start. They eat their vegetables too.

2 cup of rice
11/2 rice bowl of water

1big tomato
3/4 rice bowl of mix vegetables
1 rice bowl of pumpkin
1pc of firm bean curb , cubed
1/2 a bowl of mushroom
3/4 rice bowl of chicken , sliced ( or any other meat or seafood)

1tbsp of olive oil/ fried garlic oil
1tsp of salt and pepper to taste

Firstly, you will need to wash the rice till water is clear. Then add 11/2 rice bowl of water in. Next put in all the seasoning and mix well. Now add in all the vegetables, bean curbs, mushroom, pumpkin and chicken . Mix till everything is all over. Lastly put the tomato in the middle.
Next put the pot back to the cooker and cook rice as usual. When is ready, mix up the rice so that all the liquid from the tomato is evenly distributed. Pre- plate it and top it with a fried egg. Is easy, delicious and not wiping up the kitchen. Smart!!

**pumpkin and tomato will make the rice wet, therefore I have reduced the water to 1 1/2 bowl. If you are not using pumpkin, you will need to add a little more. ( not more than 2 bowl)